About Us

This is my second review for this place on a Thursday.  I stopped here with my father and sister.  This trip I was exposed to the habanero sauce.  The owner asked us if we liked a little more kick with the chips.  We said yes.  He brought this orange salsa and it is f ing awesome.  The other salsa is good too, but I like the heat.

This time I got the green chili Baracoa enchiladas.   They were really good.  The meat was flavorful and the sauce was excellent.  The rice and beans on the side were good too. The next time I get this I will see if they can add a enchilada.  The owner recognized me and we chatted too.  He told me more about himself and his other endeavors in the food industry.  I did not even have room for dessert after the chips, habanero sauce and enchiladas.
This place is really special.  They have a great menu that will set them apart from other places.  The owner is also working on expanding the menu too.  Stop by and try this place you will not be disappointed.